We deliver an unparalleled level of quality




Unlike other translation houses, Global Translations does not have a fixed ‘pool’ of translators for each language, whereby any new project is simply allocated to the next available translator

Using our rigorous translation assessment system we allocate exclusive individuals or teams of linguists, per client account, ensuring they have a full grasp of the client’s brand and style. This in turn provides 100 per cent consistency of translations and allows the translators to build up an unrivalled knowledge of the brand


Our unique Global Translations system means that our clients’ texts are stored in our central database, and our state-of-the-art processes prevent any text that has already been translated from being translated again


That’s how we create savings for our clients’ bottom line – most of our clients have experienced genuine savings of up to 85% within just six months of partnering with us


At Global Translations we don’t just translate your text; we localise it

That means it doesn’t read like a translation; it reads as though it was written in the language that the text has been translated into – in other words, natural, flowing and on-target

Because our translators are based in their own countries, they know how their own language is evolving, which means that their text never sounds dated. That’s not always the case for translators who no longer live in their own country

Did you know for example that in the UK last year, almost 5,000 new words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary? Imagine if you were not keeping up with those, how quickly your vocabulary would become dated and out of fashion…


Our language editors deliver copy that’s been carefully checked, edited and proofread to a final. That means our clients can feel safe in the knowledge that it’s ready to publish straight away

We have a tight and rigorous quality control reporting system in place which, coupled with regular client-linguist communications, ensures that we continue to deliver on-target, on-brand translations of the best possible quality


Global Translations, just like our sister company Global Listings, knows that if translations are not delivered in time, then they might as well not be delivered at all

We have never missed a deadline


Of course, not all of our clients simply want a translation…

Sometimes they’ll already have some translated text from another source and they want a second opinion from an expert

And sometimes they know that the text they have isn’t quite right and they need a talented language editor to fix it for them

Whatever the requirement, Global Translations can provide a language editor to fit the brief precisely

Global Translations guarantees:

• Professionally trained and talented translators
• True localisation per country & language
• Specialist expertise for your particular field

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