Canal Digital

The highlights are very helpful and well produced. The fact that they are in Finnish is a definite
plus. Very good.

Sky Television, New Zealand

We like the presentation of the highlights document, it’s clear, fresh and easy to read. The opening title page is great!

SkjarHeimur, Iceland

We use your highlights to the maximum and we can truly say that your channels have more exposure and get more ad time in our e-mail/magazine than those channels who do not provide us with highlights. We rate your service as an A!

Nova, Greece

We are very satisfied with the Global Listings press highlights service. The highlights documents are always very clear and helpful! As a result, they are excellent.

TV Mustra, Hungary

Your press highlights service is excellent. We use your all highlights documents.

TVPlus, South Africa

The Global Listings Highlights service is very good in that the information reaches us in time for us to take it into consideration and develop stories properly.

TV Control

We are very happy with your service. The character length of the event descriptions fit our
EPG limits, as well as that your EPG teams always answer any questions that we may have
promptly. The Global Listings schedules are always delivered on time, we receive all your
channels well in advance of airing times. Thanks a lot.

TT Spektra, Sweden

We use both the Global Listings press schedules (in Word) and their XML files. The programme descriptions are rather good and not too long, which is helpful. We use their text verbatim and import it direct into our database.

APLUSC, Poland

Excellent. Content and co-operation are fantastic. Global Listings is really outstanding compared to the rest, especially their highlights and schedules which are very cleverly presented.

Deutsche Mailbox, Germany

We are very happy with the service provided by Global Listings. The staff are competent and turn-around times for any queries are short. The data provided is in the correct format, which means that it is easily ingested into our system.

Satplus, Czech Republic

Your service is excellent! We are very satisfied with the schedules that we receive. If we need any additional information, we receive quick and positive answers from your teams

Jupiter Communications, Italy

Global Listings’ press schedules are very useful and complete with all the information we require, I rate these documents as excellent

Media-Press TV, International

Your press schedules are well-laid out, with relevant information included and always sent on time. We are very satisfied with the quality of your schedules and the fact that if we have any questions, these are dealt with quickly by your teams. I would rate your services as excellent.

Omroep, Holland

Very clear schedules, nice working with these documents. Good short programme descriptions and also the programme amendments are clear. It is an excellent service

Red Media, Russia

Your schedule service is very good. Thank you for your cooperation


Global Listings is definitely one of the best schedule providers we work with; they provide our
customers with top-quality information that improves their viewing experience.

UPdigital, Portugal

The Global Listings EPG service is excellent. The data files that we receive from your company we would also rate as excellent. Thanks very much!

Alacast, Kazakhstan

Everything is perfect! Thanks again for all your good work, we really appreciate it!

MAXtv, Croatia

As EPG administrator for MAXtv, I am very pleased with your schedules, highlights and EPG files. These are always on time and in a form that suits our needs perfectly. I would rate your EPG service as excellent

IKOM, Serbia

Your programme information service (EPG files and press schedules) is excellent. Your files are precise and easy to work with

StarNet, Macedonia

It is a pleasure to work with Global Listings. All the schedule information that we receive is accurate and corresponds with the play out on TV. We receive information always on time and if we have any questions we always receive a prompt answer, Croatia

I would like to rate the Global Listings EPG service and delivery of your files as ‘excellent’. Please keep up the good service!

PrimeTel, Cyprus

Everything about the Global Listings service is EXCELLENT! Thanks a lot

OTE, Greece

Global Listings consistently delivers a very good EPG service to our platform

Freesat, UK

Global Listings have delivered EPG data in the right format and they have met our requirements in terms of delivery timescales and updates

DSMART, Turkey

The EPG service we receive from Global Listings is really very good

AKADO-Stolitsa, Moscow

Global Listings provides excellent schedule information. It is an excellent service at all times

YES!, Israel

We are very happy with the EPG service provided to our platform by Global Listings

Mediaset Premium, Italy

All your EPGs are accurate and timely. Moreover, the changes of schedule are communicated to us with clarity and always on time. Really, from the EPGs that we receive from all the channels, we think that Global Listings is one of the best

Sky Italia, Italy

Very good EPG service provided by Global Listings including complex series linking

Singtel, Far East

Your EPG service is really impressive. It deserves an ‘Excellence’. Appreciate your constant effort

Orbit Showtime, Middle East

Excellent service. All schedules are supplied to spec and on time. Also all queries are dealt with quickly and satisfactorily

MultiChoice, Africa

EPG schedules delivered exactly on time, according to editorial standards and exact technical specifications. Very helpful, friendly and accommodating teams. Competitively priced

Glashart Media, Netherlands

Your EPG service is very good, especially the fact that you upload files to our server so that we can automate our internal process. Besides that, you are very communicative.

DStv, Africa

Thank you for making our work so smooth through all your prompt responses across all the channels you supply. We are very impressed with your work ethic

Digital Plus, Spain

Global Listings provides a very efficient service with the delivery of EPG files and has successfully developed the EPG files according to our requirements

Time Inc UK

When we received our first schedules from Global Listings we were immediately impressed.
They are clear, easy to use and best of all, always on time. It’s a pleasure working with a
company that really understands the needs of TV listings magazines.

Scripps Networks International

The service that Global Listings provides is flawless and extraordinarily reliable; the teams are always on top of everything. A big thank you for all your support.


The Global Listings team who work on our account are fabulous –dedicated, creative, fantastic people with whom we enjoy working with on a daily basis. A big THANK YOU for all the help and hard work put into our account.

Your Family Entertainment AG

The Global Listings teams are at all times very professional, quick, friendly and flexible: when you start working together with such a competent company, you just can ́t ever imagine working without them any more.

A+E Networks UK and International

Global Listings has been delivering listings services across all of our markets for some years now. The attentive, scrupulous, timely and accurate service delivered by the whole team at Global Listings has brought clarity and efficiency within an increasingly competitive and important aspect of the TV business. Their professional service ensures we deliver on our promises to platform partners, affiliates and the media. We also know that if any issues should arise, GL will work with us to solve them.

Universal Channel

We have worked with Global Listings on the launch of new channels into Central and Eastern Europe and have been very impressed with the standard of service, prompt responses to schedule amendments and proactivity in getting schedule and highlight information in plenty of time, as well as the delivery of our EPG content. We would definitely consider using them moving forward as we expand into new markets!