Passionate about languages and customised solutions

The press schedules that we receive from Global Listings are very good, as is the overall service provided to us as publishers. We can always trust in the accuracy and efficiency provided by the Global Listings teams.


We are very happy with the service provided by Global Listings. The staff are competent and turn-around times for any queries are short. The data provided by Global Listings is always in the correct format, which means that there are no problems.

Deutsche Mailbox, Germany

Global Listings consistently delivers a very good EPG service to our platform

OTE, Greece

I have worked with Global Listings both during my time at Universal and more recently at London Live. They have been extremely professional and prompt with their delivery of our monthly highlights and are always quick to question anything that doesn’t seem right. I would definitely recommend them.

London Live, UK

Global Listings' press schedules are well-laid out, with relevant information included and always sent on time. We are very satisfied with the quality of your schedules and I would rate your services as excellent.

Media-Press TV, International

We rate your EPG service as excellent. The data is detailed and also always delivered on time. We have never had any issue with any of your EPGs. Thanks for the great service.

NG Broadcasting, Digital Terrestrial TV Operator, Asia

Excellent. Content and co-operation are fantastic. Global Listings is really outstanding compared to the rest, especially their highlights and schedules which are very cleverly presented.

APLUSC, Poland

Your EPG service is very good, especially the fact that you upload files to our server so that we can automate our internal process. Besides that, you are very communicative.

Glashart Media, Netherlands

The Global Listings press schedules are very good. In addition, your highlights documents and press reports are also a great way for us to make choices of what programmes to feature. We have limited space and the information provided is relevant.


Your press highlights service is excellent. We use all your highlights documents.

TV Mustra, Hungary

The Global Listings schedule service works very well for us. We also use the Global Listings weekly and monthly TV highlights as well as the programme amendment documents. The service is very good.


The Global Listings highlights are excellent!

DSmart, Turkey

Very helpful, friendly and accommodating. Schedules delivered on time as arranged, according to standards and specifications. We have been working with Global Listings for almost 15 years and going strong. Global Listings’ services are, additionally, competitively priced.

MultiChoice, Africa

Global Listings is one of the few companies we work with that actually has made the highlights easy for the user. The highlights come on time, have short descriptions and with the airing dates and times included. I rate you as excellent.

Canal Digital

Aller TV's verdict is that your service is Class A!

Aller TV, Denmark

Global Listings' highlights documents are excellent!

TV Choice/Total TV Guide, H Bauer Publishing, UK

Our channel has been growing quickly so we went looking for a listings company that we can rely on to support us with accurate, well-translated schedules. Global Listings is compiling, translating and supplying our listings schedules across Europe in 12 different languages including English.

National Geographic, UK and Europe

The Global Listings EPG and programme information service is excellent. We are receiving the Schedules, Highlights and EPG files on time without any problems.

Dialog Television, Asia – for Hong Kong, India and Sri Lanka

The Global Listings press schedules are very good. Thank you.


Global Listings' service is top dollar!

Canal Digital, Norway

Global Listings' service is excellent

Infomedia, Luxembourg

The EPG service from Global Listings is very good

KDG, Germany

We are very happy with the press schedules that we receive from Global Listings. The documents they produce and deliver to us are very clear and complete with all the required information. The TV channel information is always up to date.


A very good EPG service from Global Listings

UPC, Hungary

Our Polish TV guide title rates the Global Listings press schedules and highlights as very good.


We use both the Global Listings press schedules (in Word) and their XML files. The programme descriptions are rather good and not too long, which is helpful. We use their text verbatim and import it direct into our database.

TT Spektra, Sweden

Global Listings provides a very good service

Canal Satellite, France

We are very happy with the EPG service provided to our platform by Global Listings

YES!, Israel

I would like to rate the Global Listings EPG service and delivery of your files as ‘excellent’. Please keep up the good service!, Croatia

Thank you for making our work so smooth through all your prompt responses across all the channels you supply. We are very impressed with your work ethic

DStv, Africa

Global Listings provide an accurate and deadline-driven service and we are extremely happy with the delivery of our listings to the Sky EPG platform

Fashion TV, UK and Europe

Global Listings delivers a very good service

HFC, Hungary

I'd rate the Global Listings service as excellent.

MultiChoice, South Africa

We like the presentation of the Global Listings highlights document, it’s clear, fresh and easy to read. The opening title page is great!

Sky Television, New Zealand

The highlights look great. I’m very happy with the format and content so please accept my rating as excellent!

Mortimer Harvey, South Africa (ad agency)

Global Listings' EPGs are very good

YouSee, Denmark

The Global Listings service is very good

Radio SID, Serbia

We use your highlights to the maximum and we can truly say that your channels have more exposure and get more ad time in our e-mail/magazine than those channels who do not provide us with highlights. We rate your service as an A!

SkjarHeimur, Iceland

Everything is perfect! Thanks again for all your good work, we really appreciate it!

Alacast, Kazakhstan

All Global Listings' services are very good

Bureau, Denmark

Global Listings' service and support across our channels, in the UK and internationally, over the years has been invaluable. The service you have provided has been flawless and extraordinarily reliable, always on top of everything, even when we’re scurrying around to ensure everything is working from our end!

Scripps Networks International

Global Listings provides a very efficient service with the delivery of EPG files and has successfully developed the EPG files according to our requirements

Digital Plus, Spain

Global Listings has provided KidsCo with an extremely efficient and professional service. Our extended worldwide partnership with Global Listings reflects the fact that we need a partner who understands our brand messaging and can do it justice across the board. Global Listings has delivered.

KidsCo, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific

We are very pleased with Global Listings and we rate your highlights as Excellent.

RedLemon Media, Hungary

We are very happy with the Global Listings service. The character length of the event descriptions fits our EPG limits, and as well as that your EPG teams always answer any questions that we may have promptly. The Global Listings EPGs are always delivered on time.

TV Control, Greece

Global Listings delivers a very good service

Fibernet, Hungary

Global Listings provide a very good EPG service

T-Kabel, Hungary

Global Listings should be called Easy Listings – they make our lives at Extreme a lot easier

Extreme Sports, UK and Europe

Global Listings is definitely one of the best schedule providers we work with; they provide our customers with top-quality information that improves their viewing experience. An excellent EPG service.

Sky TV, UK

We rate Global Listings' service as excellent!

Content Asia, Singapore

Global Listings provide an efficient and reliable service and the staff are a pleasure. Their point of difference is that they are constantly thinking and coming up with ideas to streamline and improve their services. We are very happy with their service.

Nickelodeon, UK and Europe

All your EPGs are accurate and timely. The changes of schedule are communicated to us with clarity and always on time. From all the EPGs that we receive from all the channels, the Global Listings service is one of the best

Mediaset Premium, Italy

We are very satisfied with the Global Listings press highlights service. The highlights documents are always very clear and helpful! As a result, they are excellent.

Nova, Greece

Everything about the Global Listings service is EXCELLENT! Thanks a lot

PrimeTel, Cyprus

Your programme information service (EPG files and press schedules) is excellent. Your files are precise and easy to work with

IKOM, Serbia

We truly appreciate the relationship we have with Global Listings. The teams have been outstanding in the delivery of accurate EPGs and their flexibility with everyday requirements; we are very grateful.

WWE, International

Global Listings are a key strategic partner for H&C TV as we build our channel business in Sweden. They ensure that we provide our distributors with a comprehensive, accurate and professional service at all times. They clearly understand our business priorities.

Horse & Country TV, Europe

Global Listings provide a very good service to us.


Global Listings have delivered EPG data in the right format and they have met our requirements in terms of delivery timescales and updates

Freesat, UK

Global Listings is an excellent partner for the BBC and we are delighted to be working with them in the Middle East. We are confident that Global Listings will deliver first-class results for BBCʼs Global News division

BBC World News, UK and Middle East

We are fully satisfied with the Global Listings service: the schedules are well-organised and structured and always sent in advance of our press deadlines. We are pleased with the schedule quality and the Global Listings staff are attentive and friendly.


Global Listings is the international expert in delivering all our EPG data to our TV Platform for Cyprus

Cablenet, Cyprus

As EPG administrator for MAXtv, I am very pleased with your schedules, highlights and EPG files. These are always on time and in a form that suits our needs perfectly. I would rate your EPG service as excellent

MAXtv, Croatia

When we received our first schedules from Global Listings we were immediately impressed. They are clear, easy to use and always on time. It's a pleasure working with a company that really understands the needs of TV listings magazines


It has been fantastic working with Global Listings. They have been helpful and responsive. As we were new to the market, we had lots of questions. They were able to smooth things out and help us where we needed it. The execution of our business relationship has been seamless

Inspiration Network International (INI), USA and UK

Global Listings' service is excellent. Everything is perfect

Vectra, Poland

The Global Listings EPG service is excellent. The data files that we receive from your company we would also rate as excellent. Thanks very much!

UPdigital, Portugal

We rate the Global Listings highlights an A!!!!

Media24, South Africa

The Global Listings press schedules that we receive are excellent

Dobra Communications, Poland

Serving sports fans whenever and wherever sports are watched is a key mission for ESPN Classic and localising our listings is a significant contribution to facilitating this. Global Listings has proved to be a quality resource in making this happen

ESPN Classic, Europe

The EPG service we receive from Global Listings is really very good

DSMART, Turkey

Excellent EPG service, thank you!

Toya, Poland

EPG schedules are delivered exactly on time, according to editorial standards and exact technical specifications. Very helpful, friendly and accommodating teams. Competitively priced

MultiChoice, Africa

The staff at Global Listings are a steadfast ally in coping with a tumultuous TV environment, and their professionalism, accuracy and courtesy make them a pleasure to work with. Global Listings is currently delivering our TV highlights content worldwide and in translated formats in 16 languages.

Red Bull Media House, International

It is a pleasure to work with Global Listings. All the schedule information that we receive is accurate and corresponds with the play-out on TV. We always receive information on time and if we have any questions we always receive a prompt answer

StarNet, Macedonia

We are delighted to be working with Global Listings, a leading-edge organisation that helps its clients transform their listings and improve the service to customers, journalists and platform owners alike. Global Listings punch above their weight for accuracy and dependability.

ESPN Classic, UK and Europe

Global Listings' press schedules are very useful and complete with all the information we require. I rate these documents as excellent

Jupiter Communications, Italy

Your EPG service is really impressive. It deserves an ‘Excellence’. Appreciate your constant effort

Singtel, Far East

Global Listings' schedules are of high quality, well laid out, easy to use, always have the right programme information and arrive on time. Prompt and complete information is vital to our magazine business. Global Listings provides such a service.


Global Listings provides excellent schedule information. It is an excellent service at all times

AKADO-Stolitsa, Moscow

Very good EPG service provided by Global Listings including complex series linking

Sky Italia, Italy

Global Listings are the best supplier Blue Ant work with in terms of quality, efficiencies and service level. A truly outstanding business

Blue Ant Media, International

BIKE has worked with Global Listings since 2015. They’ve reliably supported us as we continue to grow both in Italy and the UK. Whatever the issue, whenever we need them, Global Listings provide exceptional customer service and technical assistance.

BIKE Channel, Europe

The best part about working with Global Listings is that we don’t need to worry about our EPGs. No matter how sporadic or delayed the delivery of the source file, we can be sure that the EPG will be delivered to our affiliate on time and in good shape.

Viacom International Media Networks

The TV schedules that we receive from Global Listings are very useful. We publish listings on our TV Guide pages, so we have no complaints. We are also very happy with your press service in general.


Global Listings offer a high quality, seamlessly efficient and responsive one-stop shop listings service - all at a very competitive price. The Global Listings teams are a pleasure to work with.

PBS America, UK

Global Listings has been delivering listings services across all of our markets – including the UK – for some years now. The attentive, scrupulous, timely and accurate service delivered by the whole team at Global Listings has brought clarity and efficiency within an increasingly competitive and important aspect of the TV business. Their professional service ensures we deliver on our promises to platform partners, affiliates and the media. We also know that if any issues should arise, GL will work with us to solve them.

A+E Networks

Global Listings’ press schedules are very good and always delivered on time. The staff are great and always at hand to respond to any queries that we may have. Programme amendments are also communicated accurately and in a timely manner.


Global Listings' highlights documents are excellent!

ApfelProgramm Marketing

Global Listings' service is very good indeed!

TV Cabo, Portugal

The press schedules that we receive from Global Listings deserve an ‘excellent’ as a rating. We are very satisfied with the service provided by Global Listings to our magazines. Your teams are always efficient and excellent communicators.


Excellent service delivered by Global Listings

Comstar Direct, Russia

Global Listings have an extremely tight team with an excellent mix of relevant expertise. It’s a perfect fit for us. They’ve taken away the headaches and we are supplying our markets, UK and internationally, with a top-quality service.

FOX International Channels

Global Listings' service is excellent!

SDI, International

Global Listings provides a very good EPG service

Antenna Hungaria, Hungary

We have worked with Global Listings on the launch of new channels and have been very impressed with the standard of service, prompt responses to schedule amendments and proactivity in getting schedule and highlight information in plenty of time, as well as the delivery of our EPGs.

NBC Universal Global Networks, Central and Eastern Europe

Global Listings have been providing translations and EPG listings for us across multiple territories in Europe and the Middle East. We have found them a highly effective group who always go the extra mile to ensure the correct details are listed, on brand, and all deadlines are met.

E! Entertainment Television, UK and Europe

The Global Listings Highlights service is very good in that the information reaches us in time for us to take it into consideration and develop stories properly.

TVPlus, South Africa

Your service is excellent! We are very satisfied with the schedules that we receive. If we need any additional information, we receive quick and positive answers from your teams

Satplus, Czech Republic

As a company, we monitor our sales on daily basis and as such we potentially have to change schedules at a moment’s notice. When working with Global listings this is made easy. Their can-do attitude means we are not hindered by bureaucracy or rigid SLAs – we make the change and they do all the hard work... great service!

Tristar Products, UK

Universal Networks International’s channel brands offer a vibrant range of entertainment to Asian audiences. The streamlined delivery of full service EPGs and website content with Global Listings will certainly provide an enriched viewing experience.

NBC Universal Global Networks, Asia Pacific

The programme information we receive from Global Listings is clear, well written and always delivered on time. The staff there are helpful and respond quickly whenever we have any queries. A highly professional team


Discovery Networks appointed Global Listings to create a new system for efficient and cost-effective delivery of all its UK & EMEA programme schedules and highlights to the media (in both English and translated formats); we are very happy with them.

Discovery Networks

Global Listings provide amazing support and are a great business partner. We have done wonderful work with them

TRACE, International

Excellent service. All schedules are supplied to spec and on time. Also all queries are dealt with quickly and satisfactorily

Orbit Showtime, Middle East

The highlights are very helpful and well produced. The fact that they are in Finnish is a definite plus. Very good

Canal Digital, Finland

Wonderful team and professional service. Global Listings have made a fantastic impact on Ketchup TV and helped our business tremendously. GL’s Freeview EPG management service made an immediate positive impact on our viewing numbers

VOD365, UK

We find the Global Listings press highlights service good. We actually upload the PDF direct on to our website.

Glashart Media, The Netherlands

Your schedule service is very good. Thank you for your cooperation

Red Media, Russia

Global Listings have been a trusted and reliable partner for all our EPG and Press Highlights services. The team are friendly, dedicated and understand the needs of our business, which is vital for us as a growing channel within the linear TV market.

Insight, International

The challenge of delivering high quality, timely translations of TV schedules and press highlights should not be underestimated, but we know that with Global Listings we have found a partner who we can trust to provide this information to the standard that we expect.

Viasat Broadcasting

Very clear schedules, nice working with these documents. Good short programme descriptions and also the programme amendments are clear. It is an excellent service

Omroep, Netherlands

Global Listings provides a very good EPG service

Invitel, Hungary

We think that your press schedules are excellent, as is your service overall – excellent!

MarCon, Serbia and Montenegro




Global Translations is a client-led business and never adopts a one-size-fits-all approach to any translation request

We have a tried-and-tested system whereby any new translation project will be carefully matched with the right linguistic individual or team, based on their knowledge, experience and skills

Once we have the translators in place, we ensure that they are fully briefed in order to deliver excellent translations in line with each client’s specific requirements for the project in question

Here are some of the areas of translation that we cover:

• TV Programme Listings / Content
• On-Air Content
• Electronic Programme Guides
• Video on Demand Metadata
• HD & Digital TV
• Scripts for TV Adverts and Films

PR & Marketing
• Press Releases
• Corporate Materials
• PR Brochures
• Commercial Correspondence
• Media Packs
• Presentations
• Marketing Brochures
• Consumer & Client Surveys

New Media
• Website Localisation
• Games
• Features
• Mobile Texts
• News
• Broadband
• Interactive
• Smartphone & Tablet Applications
• E-learning Materials
• Competitions (including Terms & Conditions)

Print & Digital
• Books
• Style Guide Development
• Magazines
• Print Adverts
• Packaging and Printing
• TV Listings Pages
• Desktop Publishing
• Programme Reviews
• Proofreading
• TV Magazine Features
• Sub-editing
• Marketing Proposals
• Editing
• Glossaries and Indexing
• Scripts – TV & Film
• Catalogues

• Online and Retail Travel Agencies
• Inbound & Outbound Tour Operators
• Destination Management Companies (DMC)
• Event Management Companies
• Luxury Hotel Chains
• Golf Hotels & Resorts
• B2B Hotel Materials
• Health, Wellness and Spas
• Cruise Lines

Tourism & Leisure
• National and Regional Tourist Boards
• Tourist Attractions
• In-Flight Magazines
• Museums
• Galleries
• Ticket Agencies
• Sports Clubs & Stadia
• Theme Parks
• Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs

What the industry says about us

Осигуряване на качество




За разлика от други преводачески агенции Global Translations няма фиксиран „набор” от преводачи за всеки език, при който всеки нов проект да се възлага на следващия свободен преводач

Благодарение на нашата строга система за оценка, ние избираме конкретни специалисти по език или екипи за всяка поръчка и гарантираме, че те познават добре марката и стила на клиента. Това, от своя страна, осигурява пълна съгласуваност на преводите и позволява на преводачите да натрупат несравними познания за бранда


Уникалната система на Global Translations съхранява текстовете на клиентите в централната ни база данни, а модерните ни процеси за управление не позволяват повторен превод на материали


Ето как пестим от общия бюджет на клиентите ни – повечето от тях наистина спестяват до 85% от разходите си само след шест месеца партньорство с нас


В Global Translations не просто превеждаме вашия текст; ние го локализираме

Затова той не звучи като превод, а сякаш е измислен на езика, на който е преведен – с други думи, естествено, гладко и право в целта

Нашите преводачи живеят в родните си държави и са запознати с еволюцията на езика си, затова текстовете им никога не звучат старомодно. Това невинаги е истина за преводачи, напуснали родината си

Знаете ли, че за изминалата година във Великобритания речникът на английския език на Оксфорд е бил обогатен с почти 5000 думи? Представете си колко бързо би остарял речниковият ви запас, ако не сте в крак с тези обновления …


Нашите езикови специалисти ни предават текстове, които са проверени внимателно, редактирани и коригирани до финална версия. Клиентите ни могат да бъдат сигурни, че материалите им са готови за незабавно публикуване

Имаме строга и подробна система за контрол на качеството, която, заедно с редовната комуникация между клиентите и езиковите специалисти, гарантира, че ще продължаваме да доставяме целево ориентирани преводи в духа на бранда с възможно най-доброто качество


Ние от Global Translations, подобно на колегите от родствената ни компания Global Listings, знаем, че не се ли доставят навреме, преводите може да се окажат безполезни

Никога не сме изпускали срок


Разбира се, не всички наши клиенти искат обикновен превод...

Понякога те вече разполагат с преведен текст от друг източник и търсят второ мнение на специалист

А друг път знаят, че текстът им не е безупречен и се нуждаят от талантлив редактор, който да го подобри

Независимо от изискванията Global Translations може да осигури редактор, който да отговаря точно на търсения профил

Global Translations гарантира:

• Професионално обучени и талантливи преводачи
• Истинска локализация за всяка страна и език
• Специалисти с познания в конкретната област


Ние предоставяме програмни схеми, програмни акценти, електронни програмни гидове (ЕПГ), данни за видео по заявка (VOD) и други материали с помощта на модерна система за дистрибуция с адаптирани, конкретни адресни списъци за регионите на всеки клиент и за всеки продукт / език